To set Quinta Real Estate Ltd. as an icon for both clients and competitors in the fields of innovation, product quality, service standard, profitability and community work.

  • For Our Clients: To offer a global touch, maintaining Bangladeshi culture in living and work places, with utmost uncompromising service to our clients and value for money.
  • For Our Investors: To ensure a smooth upward-reasonable trend of return on investment.
  • For Our Employees: To give employees a feeling of satisfaction by maximizing their potentials and providing means for their personal well-being and career development.


Our vision & mission are being made into reality through the belief and implementation of 6 core values. Excellence, Innovation, Commitment, Quality, Valuing People & Customer Satisfaction are embedded in our DNA and drives toward our motto of “setting standards”.

  • Excellence: Excellence in every aspect of each project is how QRL aims to win the hearts of their clients, because at the end of the day – home is where the heart is.
  • Innovation: Continuous improvement and innovation is key to remaining at the top of the industry. QRL aims to set new standards in each project, so having an innovative mindset is what drives them to go further.
  • Commitment: Commitment to their customers and landowners in terms of on-time delivery of their dream projects, with the promised quality and specifications. Commitment to their team members, to maximize their potentials and provide means for their well-being and career development.
  • Quality: Quality is the core guiding principle at QRL, it’s what sets them apart. They aim to set new benchmarks of quality without compromise, both in terms of their products and their customer service.
  • Value People: QRL value the talent, time and intentions of everyone they work with. They take interest in and embrace each other’s individuality, stay true to who they are, stand up for what they believe in, and are always mindful of others.
  • Customer SatisfactionEnsuring utmost uncompromising service to the clients and value for money is the key of their loyal customer base.